Science Information

THE BELOW INFORMATION IS RELATED TO SCIENCE (MEDICAL(NEUROLOGY), PHYSICS, META-PHYSICS, ASTRONOMY, GENERAL, EVOLUTION) and others..  Some of the information will be translated for you some may not -due to time constraints. In translating this information one must extricate himself from traditional manners of … Continue reading

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Religion / Wisdom

4\25\13 I was thinking about what Solomon (from scripture) said “Genesis 3 – we are in this stage of forgiveness” …..  Was he saying… The syllable of this crucial era is to become part of a kingdom in Heaven.  This … Continue reading

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AUG ’15 As we continually redefine ourselves and our surroundings (with infinity/infinite potentiality) the latter definition of ourselves/things and our surroundings lose their integrity. The latter definition becomes skewed marring the lines of -what is truth/individuality. It embraces its new existence … Continue reading

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These are messages from beyond: From the Wise ones who were/are the beginning as well as from those who were/are gifted. Messages from such minds as: Socrates, apostle’s Paul & Simon, Edgar Cayce, Hemingway, Lincoln, Einstein and many others. 1/18/15 … Continue reading

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8\14\12 TO: KE    FROM:HA  Profound Truth  Purpose Your mind ever spinning Harnessing the power of a thousand galaxies Churning brilliance What will become of us? Animated energy but for a time Connected like wisps of smoke Trailing from The Eternals … Continue reading

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Post-hence (NOT post-haste): The reverberation to the words spoken/heard before this present time.

Side-winding the parallel: The act of acting crazy.

Abstract domineering: Acting as your alter ego.

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Aug, 2015 Creator/Truth created/is =1:3 Creator/Truth created/is =1:3- God:Mind Body Spirit God:Father, Christ, Holy Spirit Eternity:Creation Salvation Judgment Truth: Time Reality Force… Nucleus: Neutron Proton Electron Neutron (most children’s primary existence/few adults) proton (most adults primary existence although some children … Continue reading

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3/29/16 I am coming from the position that the Universal Whole (prior to the universal split billions of years ago) is Gods breath/central plateau/heart/Truth (that spans all time reality and force). This Whole is very much in existence and we can aid in its resurrection for His … Continue reading

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Daily Message

12/10/2017 SEE the billions of harmoniously unified strands, culminating spirit and flesh, stemming from our origin in HIM. BREATHE the ornate intricate depth of synchronicity of all living things, and ARISE the great glory of God. Katherine Elizabeth Dec 6, … Continue reading

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