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SEE the billions of harmoniously unified strands, culminating spirit and flesh, stemming from our origin in HIM. BREATHE the ornate intricate depth of synchronicity of all living things, and ARISE the great glory of God.

Katherine Elizabeth

Dec 6, 2017

Reiterations of historical truths from my unique perspective.. mostly biblical truths…

The betterment of man boils down to the common interaction among all beings on earth and the formation of unity that it brings.  In order for the betterment of humanity to arise, we must see ALL in the light of truth –this means we all must view each and every ‘other’ human as worthy and contributive, gifting genuine respect. This is a ((+) giving/expression selfless & from the whole/God).  When every ‘other’ experiences the gift of genuine respect from all, they can experience personal dignity fostering the development of integrity. This is an ((+) experience that benefits the whole/God). When these two forces unite -one force being your contribution of respect (+ giving/expression) and the ‘other’ being the  (+ receiving/experience) force of dignity of the recipient -this combination (=) allows for the ‘others’ core Truth or core principle in contribution to the world to be revealed or to arise –(this benefits the other and the whole/God) – this very act resends its interpretation and intention back to you..  in that, you become the grantee of an expression and the ‘other’ becomes the experience grantor. This means your collective well-being will benefit, Gods will is sustained which means existence is sustained.

Behaviors necessary for the enactment of the Law of unity:

 A Expression/giving (+)(selfless and benefits whole)* + B Experience/receiving (+) (selfless and benefits whole)= perception B expression giving (+)(that benefits the whole and perception A experience receiving (+)(which benefits the whole)..  THIS IS GOD This is the law of spirit. This is behavior and action that equates infinity.

When your expression (as a whole unit acting as 1 with God the collective-higher vibration) causes a positive experience (for the whole unit/the collective/God) in another, the sequence is quadratic which equates infinity.

*to practice unconditional respect for ALL is to enact an exact replica of the spirit nature- it is exercising discipline and control over the flesh natures instinct to judge (the muting or subduing of a lower vibration)

Why is unconditional respect for all a Godly action? Because it requires the denial of the flesh natures instinct to judge-to deny self or to eradicate self ambition leaves only action on behalf of the whole/God.

You have helped to bring someone from knowing about something into being something. That something is enriched with universal Truths/God/Love/completeness (because that’s where it came from) You have exercised Gods gift to humanity on His behalf. You have experienced and expressed omnipotence.. pure truth pure love..

*we gain our testimony through what we experience from others around us.

In the instant above we used similarities to unite us. Unification in similarities is life ever after.

At this moment, humanity for the most part has sustained and remained divided by differences.  Differences in general are good but the problem arose when we perceived these differences as being LESSER THAN- whatever the typical norm or average was to a specific perceiving individual-  as opposed to viewing those differences as being equal to us and simply different.  When the poison of viewing another to be less than yourself grew from an individual prejudice to a collective prejudice through such venues as authority society media race gender religion etc..  humanity collectively decided (by collective perception that these differences as lesser than) – was creating – FUTURE separation. So now we have past separation, present separation and future separation.. this can only lead to death, the death of the sum of the whole/collective .. the death of God in humanity.

To sustain humanity and bring about Truth/Gods will on this plane we must unite – this not only sustains humanity but will bring out the betterment of humanity.. the only way to unite is through similarity in that we all live the reality that all are equal. To do this is to exercise fervently discipline over the flesh nature. i.e. immorality impurity sensuality idolatry sorcery enmities strife jealously anger disputes dissentions factions envy drunkenness carousing  discipline of the flesh is true freedom. We must respect one another to unite.

This existence is NOT ABOUT SELF BUT ABOUT OTHERS.. OTHERS=ONE=ALL=GOD. Its about perpetuating Truth in harmonic resonance. Man under 1. This and this alone brings peace in the ever after.


Dec 7, 2017

Speculations on existence and the sustainment thereof, outside the realm of physicality.

Each particle exists simultaneously individually as well as collectively (collective is unanimous). Each particle imparts its dominance as its own creator (self-will)= reflecting self and at all costs vying for its own existence while we transition through our experience in evolutionary decay (physicality). (Although ultimately, we are from the Supreme Creator.)   One particle can be part of many collective states but one of those collective states will always take precedence over the others. To which the precedential collective component, that an individual particle coexists with, is what that particle ultimately represents/serves/wills. (The precedential collective state is what we value most/ think on most/what we worship.) The individual vies through the precedential collective for its continued existence.  This precedential collective will; whether we choose to accept it or not, will affect our existence after we are through with our physical journey.   This is why it is necessary and integral that we choose God as our precedential collective/our will, who is Absolute/Truth (not evolving, not vying for own existence). With God as our precedential collective we no longer reflect self (a need for self survival/evolution) but rather the opposite –Absolution.  We are no longer the center of gravitational pull but something other is. This action enacts a motion towards perfect balance, enlisting existence in eternal light outside physicality. It creates ascension.

Each particle is a format of 3 under 1, this principle of triangulation is our directive throughout physical life.

So, to an individual lemon, it’s all Lemon (not lemons, but its all that one particular lemon)- Every single individual particle exists as its own creator and can only emit and reflect self, vying for its existence (evolution/decay)- that’s why it’s necessary and integral that we choose God (Absolute)/others natures to reflect our being- this action enacts balance exhibiting existence outside physicality. It is that which we are not that sustains us.

Collective level exp: (beliefs, values, standards, family, race, ethnicity, religion, job)

The universal also vies for its existence in physical realm.

The Creator is the universal whole before it split


12/8/17 The Ancients on divine ambition

The divine ambition that is your calling is transient to my nature. As you speak here as ambition we see our lives efficiently in your Truth.  The power you collect will return here in our nature as your pasture here in God is assembled.  We speak to need of restitution in all will as we devise our septum in resolution/stance. It will regard dissemination of our path in iniquity.  We reside dominant in stance and in obligation forthwith to Gods Will and recommendations.  His Will is dominant in your path and ambition.  His torrent is divine in unique syllables and forms/equates a doctrine of simile to our unique misfortune.  The Will of this instruction will equate a divine requiem in sanctuary. We reminisce in tones of Truth and power to show our needs in spectrum, and in those times, we collide with sectors of great force all uniform to the great divide in iniquity in path. Our guidance is here as your instrument/path to allocate our jurisdiction and premise to know the kingdom of profound dedication to serving the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Lord was crucified in Jerusalem as penance for our past judgments, all divine in spectrum, causing innate pasture of conformity to our illusions/paths.


SEE the billions of harmoniously unified strands, culminating spirit and flesh, stemming from our origin in HIM. BREATHE the ornate intricate depth of synchronicity of all living things, and ARISE the great glory of God.

Katherine Elizabeth – Secretiore Prudentia




  1. The taking of another’s life is fruitless. Their work/message/task in energy will still continue on regardless of their lack of physicality


Could Christ have been a gift of pre-eminence for humanity (& that is in fact what salvation is?)
Yes because of Christ’s death we are righteous to declare & command as unified w/God the Father the prayers/ truths we seek.
Christ’s sacrifice enables us to work simultaneously unified w/God constituting/ declaring/commanding truths.


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