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Science Information

THE BELOW INFORMATION IS RELATED TO SCIENCE (MEDICAL(NEUROLOGY), PHYSICS, META-PHYSICS, ASTRONOMY, GENERAL, EVOLUTION) and others..  Some of the information will be translated for you some may not -due to time constraints. In translating this information one must extricate himself from traditional manners of … Continue reading

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Religion / Wisdom

4\25\13 I was thinking about what Solomon (from scripture) said “Genesis 3 – we are in this stage of forgiveness” …..  Was he saying… The syllable of this crucial era is to become part of a kingdom in Heaven.  This … Continue reading

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Aug, 2015 Creator/Truth created/is =1:3 Creator/Truth created/is =1:3- God:Mind Body Spirit God:Father, Christ, Holy Spirit Eternity:Creation Salvation Judgment Truth: Time Reality Force… Nucleus: Neutron Proton Electron Neutron (most children’s primary existence/few adults) proton (most adults primary existence although some children … Continue reading

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AUG ’15 As we continually redefine ourselves and our surroundings (with infinity/infinite potentiality) the latter definition of ourselves/things and our surroundings lose their integrity. The latter definition becomes skewed marring the lines of -what is truth/individuality. It embraces its new existence … Continue reading

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These are messages from beyond: From the Wise ones who were/are the beginning as well as from those who were/are gifted. Messages from such minds as: Socrates, apostle’s Paul & Simon, Edgar Cayce, Hemingway, Lincoln, Einstein and many others. 1/18/15 … Continue reading

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8\14\12 TO: KE    FROM:HA  Profound Truth  Purpose Your mind ever spinning Harnessing the power of a thousand galaxies Churning brilliance What will become of us? Animated energy but for a time Connected like wisps of smoke Trailing from The Eternals … Continue reading

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3/29/16 I am coming from the position that the Universal Whole (prior to the universal split billions of years ago) is Gods breath/central plateau/heart/Truth (that spans all time reality and force). This Whole is very much in existence and we can aid in its resurrection for His … Continue reading

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