I am coming from the position that the Universal Whole (prior to the universal split billions of years ago) is Gods breath/central plateau/heart/Truth (that spans all time reality and force). This Whole is very much in existence and we can aid in its resurrection for His glory.  I’m not referring to the resurrection/perpetuation of the origin of humanity and its existence, or of “Heaven” where we can go to be with friends and family. I’m talking about beyond man and mind.  I believe we are at the mouth of eternity and have been provided with an opportunity for providence, for some (narrow gate) to culminate into something rare fantastical and majestic.  I do believe in “Heaven” and that man will continue but I think there is more,as I believe all particles are equal and necessary but all different. I understand that graces extends infinitely but how can we justify ascertaining through self, when self can never be satiated? Is rejuvenation through internal eminence of God? 


I have started writing a book called Heaven Eyes and I wanted to share a small part of the inspiration for it..

..and as the gift of the Creator gently cupped my face and stared into my deepest being -for the first time ever, I saw myself through heaven eyes. I saw me, reflecting the brilliance of a billion lights all culminating to the glory of the Grand Creator. With this Light touching the Heavens I began to illuminate each word I crossed. The hues many shared in abundance were opaque in design and multi-scriptured in past memories/duplicates in time. For hundreds of myriads were tempted/seduced to know these Truths but found no light. An angel gave advance and temples joined in acclaim to become Truth in reason as pure 3.  This tone helped me to see many others who were lost in this, to become a haven of rest- to throne these morals upon my bones in God and His name.


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