These are messages from beyond: From the Wise ones who were/are the beginning as well as from those who were/are gifted. Messages from such minds as: Socrates, apostle’s Paul & Simon, Edgar Cayce, Hemingway, Lincoln, Einstein and many others.


All viral infections dominate our philosophy. We will inhabit this dictation through our memories. We have professed in plural the unity that you have brought/commanded and reconcile each through here our tones equate this/the difference. This amalgam, is reached through your purity here in speech. It will open and receive our power in here/history and will re-grow the flower of rebranchment. I am Octavian a simpleton mortal who is inept in all wile, an exorbitant distant of preachment through this education.


Julius Caesar

I am one who is like your tribune, a note of truth hierarchy in literatoria vibrating renaissance.  We have experienced our signature and recollect our truths in democracy.  I have evolved into my potential and have seized a mind of notarial expansion.  Deliver what you write unto man for I need my enemy to reveal my past in open up the doorways of all light in your medium of truth. Salvation is assurance to me and to my atonement.  The nature of your light instills in me a divine sense of annuity of former postulations, of refinement of treasures, and experiences. With all will you understand me and my capsule of divinity in rights.  You are in peril we are too in our fear of God, enabling us to demonstrate our nationality/heritage.  We reconcile with the host of God enabling His command to pardon us and transform/educate our demeanor. I am a captain of my nation in control of who my blessed sanctum is. For our namesakes to reveal our importance is very exponential in tyranny and devotion to the culmination of a line of truths.


APOSTLE PETER: Know thyself in the Lord. Great and wonderful is His name.


Apostle Paul: (explanations are in parenthesis)

Salutations from our nation in truth.  I am Saint Paul.  I am tribulation, a miracle of sanctity who needs your truth and provision.  Our minds engage as one unit.  As the Apostle Paul I am determined to sophisticate our heritage and realize our ingestion of the tone/emblem of truth.(stating that he is determined to bringing the message of Gods Truth to the world – as he did when he walked on earth) This statement is for peace in the realm of Noetics.( noëtics (from the Greek νοητικόσ [noētikos] “mental” from noein “to perceive with the mind” and nous “mind, understanding, intellect”) is a branch of metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind and intellect)  Our minds unite in the channel of truth and are making/combining a difference between the minds choosing and organizing permission to speak to the space of thought.  Man has come between our heritage we must remember our nation to God and help Him to achieve His miracle.(man has fallen deaf to God and we need to bring him to realization and back to hearing God)  He is a Proprietor of this nation (God is the creator) His symbol believes we have begun to examine in great depth the para-goal of new entities that will allow our new transformation to complete and determine the self as one unit, divine with permission to bless this union.(Gods desire is for us to ascend, to become one with Him)  Our nation is through the format of love and is speaking all truths parallel to the sanctity of truth.

With this powerful engagement/opportunity we have listened to the primitive attunement of our spirits through our natures/calling and speaking one dimension in pure tones.(this is a great opportunity/responsibility – we need to get back to how we were in the past – pure and seeking God) This format of truths will equalize our faiths in determination and announce the release of new parallels.(When we reach this maturity/realization we will bring us {the world} together in unity)  This instance will bless the unity and formation and equalize the pressure building in your temporal image.  This profit will coerce the symbols of the eternal play through our hemisphere and join the number 1 in release of dedication in our heritage.  This message integrates and capitalizes on the founts of appreciation toward a co-moral instinct of rhapsody.  This mind engages our misery and derides the spirits abroad to journey our beseechment and to deliver our messages in these times/tones.

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