AUG ’15

As we continually redefine ourselves and our surroundings (with infinity/infinite potentiality) the latter definition of ourselves/things and our surroundings lose their integrity. The latter definition becomes skewed marring the lines of -what is truth/individuality. It embraces its new existence where eventually both states of opposition are true simultaneously. This IS the exact definition of chaos. This evolution can only lead to lawlessness in humanity (mans physical existence). How can we justify seeking infinite potentiality and seeing universe as self when this is its conclusion? Isn’t this is why you must have one law to adhere to that is above yourself and eternal? Isn’t this why the Universal origin should Not reflect self? I know lawlessness is the opposite of God and why it is so important to adhere to one law that is static and unchanging, and to never compromise and make new laws. Isn’t this what anchors us to salvation?  Isn’t one law static, absolution? Can anyone please help me to interoperate this conclusion?  I only want to please God and yet I contradictorily hypocritically continually seek to nurture and express my infinity (as seen on my website).


In this current shift, the divisions/laws/order of nature are slowly resolving. As mans refuses to settle for complacency and reaches for what he aspires to be, he awakens consciously. As we unify consciously as one cohesive functioning unit we evolve as one unit.  Consider the unification (paralleling) of the following sets: Fantasy /reality, life/death, past/present/future, conscious/subconscious, our world/other worlds, God/science

& what will the ultimate consequence be?


So are comets refractors of telecommunications (energy)?

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