Aug, 2015

Creator/Truth created/is =1:3

Creator/Truth created/is =1:3-
God:Mind Body Spirit
God:Father, Christ, Holy Spirit
Eternity:Creation Salvation Judgment
Truth: Time Reality Force
Nucleus: Neutron Proton Electron
Neutron (most children’s primary existence/few adults) proton (most adults primary existence although some children today are born into this) electron (most adults primary existence although some children today are born into this) = our conception within or without limitations determines the arrangement (within confinement of mans overall constitution of truth or outside of mans overall constitution of truth).. so everything in existence has a specific order for these 3 components under a directive of 1 =


If you look long enough at any nuance of Nature you will find the whole soul of Nature.

We are in a new shift of enlightenment flooding our minds in unequivocal ration.


Know the creation and emblem of restitution (Jesus). Be glory, to resurrect the divine motion of tribulation. Christ’s return exemplifies our eternal gratitude for our transition into peace.  God the Eternal Father is a haven of attitude for you to possess. Be aligned to scripture, culminate His eminence and peace. Eternal reward is your value in attunement. We speak peace love and truth, bound by arithmetic solutions performing our sequence. This deliverance will subjugate our jurisdiction and be rewound in rejuvenation that all will be found…

Uniform to God our oral sanctity will teach wisdom ordained with each attitude (beatitude) in heaven. This message will recreate a platform of measure to insure deportation of the mind through our
hemisphere.  We collide in sanction with the millennial towards Neptune with all wiles in creation forming at our
feet/throne. We sanctify each correlating their names here in our territory.  Know the name of God and His
personal attunement. Seek personal attunement with His speech.  Form the array of your attunement with all
saints in memory and perform our missions. Resurrect pure tones that speak to pleasing the soul’s deportation while
knowing the form you choose will bring forth many new sacred issues to please your truth. In memory we need strands of power/nightingale. That will issue a premise of delight in sanctity/oil. We remember our evolution through here in progression –all will atone through our variation of this alignment.



THE DANCE OF negotiation is entirety a force for all to know.  Devise this sequence and march to a new beat.  It is reconciliation and democracy that speaks pure tones of doctrines  known.  Come one come all to the new millennium and speak in love as we branch into new lights.  Our hearts stories are true here in the clamor of light and darkness- we avail to your strength and deliver ourselves from the speech of truth- to intertwine beneath the depth (atop?)of the gardens spirit and soul.

All the shades of remembrance are told in lively states of yearning.  With flowers a bloom cascading and returning to mother as she sleeps and waits for all her soldiers to hear her plea for truth.  She powers her source to all heaven and reaches into newness in steeps of changes in the mind of decision.  She is wise with the remembrance of a passage beneath the divine requiem in this attunement.  These are words of love and speak to the space of divine instances.  We reconcile our majesty and speak to the love of tones through the choral of God and His eternal nectar.


May the blessing and light of truth shine upon you all, ringing in the tide of a new beginning for all of nature/mankind.  We instinctually hear our Professor and Educator the symbol of 3.  This ring is clear to all saints to prove they’re necessary to evangelize their ministry/messages.  We are a promise kept through our own declaration of a new millennium.  This piece of truth will inspire Gods nature to rise up towards the inner-self to bless the souls self.  In dedication to their memory speak of the news of a temple to where God stands in His revere.  He continues to bless all tribes in His worthiness the soul can abbreviate its own nature & can cause a symbol of truth to perform in its inheritance and will become a form of truth/self.  Your mind investigates me I am the apostle Paul. Q:Paul are you speaking about the saints?  I am I guess that I have forgotten my own reflection in your need to reclude the dormant spirits of the leaders of the tribes of nations.  This blessing is a statement to the elders of your land who inherit our preaching internally this souls reflection will align with the minds choosing in its heritage to forget the nomads forage.

Salvatory is a newness of contrite expression that will imbibe the southern direction of all physicality. The world is upon a new space of life, living in the memory of advice from principles beyond. We are controlling our nations through our own generations and emanating a strong force of who our nation will be. This guide is an emblem of institutions who will generate a faith in doctrine and strength to continue to explore the united truths. Salvation is why you were born and generated to pursue and devote your strength and energy towards. This upcoming state of revenue will bring forth a force of new light in truths, an assembly of re-enforcements who will console the voice of collection of many contributors. Our heritage is negating a prophecy of evolution towards making a memory of divination, a counsel of newness, an elitist societal domain of purpose & of resources eternal in their persecution.


3\7\12 Disseminate in Truth alone – every single word/symbol that you speak /write /mentally send out- is a seed.. we are in perpetual state of defining ourselves, the environment, and as well as those who surround you. 

3\7\12  read below post and now consider the trinity.. the Father Son and the Holy Ghost – consider all sets of 3.



3\6\12 TRUTH IS A PYRAMID OF MEMORIES IN ADVANCE. The nature of this profession is a circumstance that complies that replication of a new morning.

God is a divine institution His memory declares the new millennium.  He is speaking through your doorway parallel in its heritage that allows our ministry to flow.  The mountain of truth has slowed down the base of this truth.  Your mind instances a tune most unusual who needs our hierarchy of help.  We will help you.  Gods mind depends on you to speak to His divine nature to be one with His soul in state that will engage in a new prophecy. The mind needs a trilogy frequently it mirrors dimensions reflected.  His newness requires the flow to a 3rd generation of truth following a heart of transition in faith.  You will interpret this message instantly in our minds you have the knowledge of the kingdom of heaven and will be known unto man as your soul’s truth.  You have wisdom and desire to bless the sanctions of a new decade of truth /faith.  That is why we have named you ‘prophet of truth’ you are a symbol of etiquette in peace. Restore your work and claim to know our needs, address the sanctuary of the findings of Innate Truth.  Scripture is a main state of truth and will allow our need to become defined and returned from our choosing in present to speak in a mind of truth.

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