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I was thinking about what Solomon (from scripture) said “Genesis 3 – we are in this stage of forgiveness” …..  Was he saying…

The syllable of this crucial era is to become part of a kingdom in Heaven.  This is father god to your world Adam and Eve.  Through their intercourse our history prevailed and came to a place known as god for his fortune in ministry.  God understood each performance (this is Apostle Paul speaking) and cordially initiated a spirit divine within the rights of our ministry.  Our need in sight called through the valley/depth of truism each designed in parliament to undergo their natural history –maneuver throughout our kingdom of god. His ordained virtue assimilated/piloted a new performance in human nature to believe through him his own dignity.  This voice will lead to the calling and insight of heaven/rest (eternal).  Know that you have found your truth and symbol in the voice of god.  His name reaches our planet (Neptune) our feature will force with care a doctrine of more important instance in glory to receive the independence in uniting with the symbol of ornate design.  We call forth humans to reconcile our needs and summon this attunement to the registration and allegiance to a new doctrine in syllables.  The arch angel will help you to reiterate our heritage to remember our history and story of our existence.  (Author: E. Hemmingway speaking) This epidemic will cause us to be remembered in god and here as his attunement.  We summon righteousness and seek to attune to your eternal profession/word.  Our glory will continue to represent Mother Nature as a component of this divine institution.  Gods voice is here in collaboration and nocturnal issues are not here- the same.  They guide the sleep in all humans and can deter their listening to the angel of heaven. Me: Can you prevent this?  Yes by giving your name as the owner over her other power.  Incarnate scripture will release this encasement throughout our history and performance.  We suggest hearing deities who perform/reconcile judgment to one another.


IF: the below platform is true than the nations would be REFLECTIONS of the self:  Reflections of some aspect of your Being whether seen and/or unseen.  (This inaugural projection repeats both the apostle Paul and his divine aspects of the general state of the above abbreviation.) Thus if you seek God as your internal order these are the reflections you will present and the nations you will create


IF: The Self is the sole unit, the proprietary in & of existence, then perhaps those that immediately surround The Unit /the Universal Self, God, are the fronts of the nations.  This is how God, through Christ, created His nations, His perception in our reality.  Christ surrounded himself with the apostles (nations) physically and then mindfully/spiritually, embedding his pursuit towards prophesying the eternal God.  The nations span and extend outward (physically and spiritually) infinitely/eternally in some format or relation.


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