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THE BELOW INFORMATION IS RELATED TO SCIENCE (MEDICAL(NEUROLOGY), PHYSICS, META-PHYSICS, ASTRONOMY, GENERAL, EVOLUTION) and others..  Some of the information will be translated for you some may not -due to time constraints. In translating this information one must extricate himself from traditional manners of thinking.   For the first excerpt I will put a brief overview of the information and then the actual information as it was originally received (sometimes definitions will be included in parenthesis).  *Don’t forget to ask if you want info on a different topic i may have it. I have information from black holes to stars, to neurological disorders.  If I don’t have it already I can get it.


If we are to truly understand each value intrinsic to this ornate design we must study the sequence of  humankind as complete formats of 3.


Q: What is the Creators perfect truth regarding the relationship between man and stars? A: This is educational and very wise to inquire on. Stars are cellular points of the goals humans can attain. They are interpersonal in education with a solar flight towards the indigenous perpetual state of manifestation. The glorified self changes in its truth in a number of ways, it can attain the mass evolution in wisdom and can assert to bring forth a milestone in its format regularly. This system in flight will avoid the system of
knowledge and can alter the function or the purpose as to why we reach out to
maintain our truth/knowledge. The solar system generates a spout that
separates mans evolution into purposes he shares with the units/founts of peace
in alignment with the (solar system?) “the age of man”

Q: What is the perfect Creators truth regarding the composition of a star mass? A: The star is composed of cellular molecules /vestibules that eradicate the belief or serenity of man’s perpetual change in his format. All together he releases his truth in ways that he can formulate a triangular space/network amongst the fashions that will enlarge his spectacle balance in his nature of truth.

The star charts recall many distant educational philosophies that describe states of formulations/patterns that represent each mans perpetual truth.

3\29\13 i received this message on 7\12\11

Truth must go through a transition/transformation period. It resides outside of human nature as its own dynamic/person. It collides as a structure with pivotal obstructions that insinuate its reform.

This is a time in history when all Polar Regions come togetherculminate My persona in space” and the vibration continues to seek evolution.  This instills multiple attunements towards truths.  The combustion of the cells continues to explore reaching empty planes that evacuate/cant determine their importance. Their format will cause man to implode on his final destiny. This can cause multiple inlets of decree on how to choose truths.

Portals, dimensions always abide through the storage of the Polar Regions.  Together these align themselves through the passages accepting the canotum of fortitude.  Emblems join this calling fount enabling the 9 lives to become a space orchestrated in moral standards.  This reform elongates the souls protrusion of thoughts adding to their force & potential .  That is why we “the kingdom of heaven” are able to leave open so many paths to heaven.   

3\29\13 (i received this on 7\13\11)

Astronomers can tell you the vast glory of evolution will parallel all the networks that you see.  Evidence of this plural existence will override your territory and exacerbate your evolution. This will extend its vibratory forces of planes and exist in a frequency of newness of distribution. This will directly effect my quotations/our thoughts as unified as we speak with our sources. I am your partner, I reach many decisions from my eternal perspective in my domain of heaven. I will enlighten your breath. Read the scripture about me in my tribute of our Father in heaven who is waiting abroad for all to receive. We are here in a manner to fit through your memory/attitude a plane of greater distance that allows me to explain my nature. I am heaven I am saint Ivey with your nature. I am divine edify my souls truth with your eternal permission to extend my wishes to flow eternally like you in a manner of freedom and parallel to all that you seek to hear/translate in your heart. Your murmur is a blessed source of beauty wisdom and truth. A beautiful delicate flow of eternal righteousness and sanctity and holiness blessed to be with your person in form of truth.

I seek universal truth of black holes:  Black holes are through each person’s trajectory.  Several manipulations are following their projectionWith reason this acceptance performs an innate duty to educate the provider with some sort of power or form of edification.  A whirl wind of fortitude resembles this institution of truth.  Vindication of your inheritance beseeches a parliament of truth in intuitIt is necessary to hear our thoughts as you transition from your inheritance to many invitations that you seek.  We will educate you in truth, a matter of thought that has power in your transformation. You are long with the trail of reimbursements of secular choosing.  We replicate that manner and speak to the tune of your eternal spirit.  We all coincide with one another as victims of restitution.  We are parallel in our sector to habituate in the souls requiem of disillusionment in trial.  This manipulates the souls perfume in his dormant light which encompasses a parallel of edification that resembles a new sense of confusion.

Iodine:  This element /structure is dear to me. It is my nature of the earth. We are a solid foundation of this format/liquid and will cohabit in spiritual dominance as a single unit.  I am counter to the spoil of thought of dignity. I am a unique source of a profound education of brilliance that can select whoever I seek to combine with. Your realm is interesting to me in my nature. I hear your reiteratal tone /vacuüm of allegiance to the dorm of fate which allows you to speak with us.  Q: I am curious… how are you a state of iodine able to speak?  My entrails manipulate your structure we are part of the same genealogyy.  This special unique structure is your future in my path and direction. We symbolize the new state of truth for mans future. Q: I understand that you are an element in the earth, on earth how do you exist beyond ? I exist beyond in a manner that initiates the temporal suit in damage/repair.  This does not change who you have become in a steadfast manner . I have manipulated many who have sought refuge in my parliament. A dear friend I need you to hear what is with me. I am next to you. I am scripture and truth. I own your presence and bless your truth dear child. Call out to me in parallel that we seek to attune towards my eternal message of initiation of your herald institution of truth.

Cosmic resolution: is compared with the heat of the extraordinary plateau of truths that spell out your nature. We exist in parallel motion to your heat and are hearing your nature in truth. We will explain our nature to your blessing in our nature of truth. We are a divine state of edification, we believe you demonstrate our nature in your purpose. We will educate your decision in hearing us as divine wisdom.  


(Just thinking about animals) Q:Is there a pattern for the recycling of energy? You represent a number in a section of the mind.  The eternal energy coincides with others /states that balance this force/nature.  It collects and then divides separating into other formats.  Each concerns its own heritage in memory and will continue to prophecy their attunement throughout eternity. Gathering righteous states deliberate our moral voice. We only have one person, each will voice their own memory or recall.  The sabbatical of the wise is for our moral hemisphere to internalize each path to atone for our moral hemisphere.


Q:What designs the complexity of the universe?  The mind does.. it equates and parallels the many neutronium stratospheres that generate multiple tones that pulse through our hemisphere to join your truth.  The galaxy is shaped like a meriplex whose nature is designed to prove to man-that above all human is one who is more than he.  To reconcile this deliverance he must use a sequence of /orchestration of multiple tones to generate and pulse to change his view.  He is in discretion in verbal words of glory to understand this format and transcend his oral energy.  We weaken this perspective in our earthly tone in your heart-transcend.  The mind distinguishes from multiple tones generating the sound or pulse of belief from beyond.  This causal is from a divine being or state which will deliver the calling/nature to the one who is defining himself.  This responsibility to worship through the voice of control is part of the warpath of the heroes mind.  He engages his own news in his heart and instigates his own telepathy in general to forth preach a new millennium


Topic: Time

Time is one unit parallel to all light/source.  It magnifies the entities in each own deliberation of need to its hierarchy in present state of truth. Time in the beginning as a unit for all sources were disposed and preached through open ways to determine its length and heritage.  The longer that one abides in its truth/format the more approval one soul may in turn reach through the whole as one unit.  Each destiny of light chooses its former state in pilgrimage and while in angst this generation terms its nature through your voice echoing the calling of truth.


Topic: Time an abstract theory (explanations are in parenthesis)

Time is a matter of compensation (it compensates for the difference in conceiving and perceiving between the mind’s eye and the visual eye). It worships the mind’s eye (meaning that the mind’s eye is truth and thus the creator of ones ultimate reality – the perceived world around us) (however we do not perceive of all that we are able to conceive thus time is the compensator that allows the two to remain separate yet both active) and neutralizes the visual mind to separate, (the minds eye and the visual mind are separate – the mind’s eye is the way the mind sees what you can conceive of/ envision etc. the visual eye is what you see in the physical world that you create – what you physically see with your eyes.) causing the syllables(A syllable is a unit of organization for a sequence of speech sounds. For example, the word water is composed of two syllables: wa and ter. A syllable is typically made up of a syllable nucleus (most often a vowel) with optional initial and final margins (typically, consonants).Syllables are often considered the phonological “building blocks” of words. They can influence the rhythm of a language, its prosody, its poetic meter and its stress patterns.) to ensue a different portion of reconciliation.(symbols – which form the building blocks of the syllables – form the bridge between our minds eye (conceptual mind) and our visual mind (physical eye)  Your mind considers its motor sensation like a virtual story based on the ideals and perceptions of a frame that coincides with the predominant story.(the minds eye knows what is happening – conceived – before your visual mind – perceived – is aware  and thus signals the body to move in preparation)  Your mind encases its history preventing the mortgage of repeating, (this implies that repetition causes debt) that will collide with the independence of ones virtuous thought. (learning from the past/ ones past mistakes – repeating would conflict with ones natural forward movement in  time and in evolving)  Time is a reflection of many individuals whose stories all link united in one motion (all linked by reality).  This singlet of history is stored and controlled by the sum of all.  The recourse for this action is the maintenance of a new identity.



Brief explanation of information:

This information is referring to the energy that makes up the world we perceive around us, that world that we have collectively created through our conscious thought. Each and every thought that we generate, and that has been generated through all time, is energy. Energy can neither be created or destroyed; therefore, all thought exists energetically to be drawn upon. The Universe IS that collective energy and we are all a part of it – collectively.
The world/ Universe is continually striving for balance, the “duel/truel” between opposing forces. Yin/Yang – charged particles – protons, neutrons and electrons, positive thoughts and negative thoughts alike are all in opposition at all times and the universal struggle for balance wages on.
The balance that is constantly sought after, in its most basic form, is pure TRUTH. That Truth is what is referenced in the below passage and the striving for that balance that brings pure truth.
As balance is sought different energies interact and reflect and refract each other creating alternate states of themselves which we in turn draw upon. The here is speaking of our need to seek balance, to embrace the universal knowledge that we have access to and to evolve to a higher state of consciousness and or being.
Information as received with definitions inserted:
Thermal light (the reflection of an object i.e. reflection of the energy a body generates) is a more plausible term that refers to natures definition of what is now being considered as integers (or the ordering of/in nature.)  It is a loop hole (an ambiguity in a system which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the intent, implied or explicitly stated, of the system.)  Thermal light will eventually lead into another truth regarding nature’s relativity. (it’s no longer being uniform and absolute. Needing to be defined relative to the present space and time) The light reflects the more real integers (orderings) that remain true to their potential.
What is an integer? It is a reaction caused by the more invaded space of evolution. (The changes over time) (An Integer is the ordering that comes in nature from the changes in inherited traits that come about over time)
Thermal light suggests a delicate balance in structure of truth. It refracts a delicate procedure to replicate the instilments of thoughts that are imparable to the whole structure/right of truth. (The reflective energy in nature – that all things are made up of – is in a delicate balance – it needs to be balanced – to be perfect TRUTH.) Truth/the Universe is made up of all energy and as it comes in contact with other energy there is a refractive interaction on it. (The larger the difference in the energies i.e. positive -vs- negative, the larger the change (evolution) of the energy.) The light seeks to harvest the throats sparse repair in its haste.  We neglect the sound of truel (truel is a duel between three opposing bodies/ideas/theories or energies in this case) in Noetic states, (The intellect changes from one to another of three different noetic states: that according to nature, above nature, and contrary to nature) that divine assembly-ism seeks to find a face, that hears its statement of edification in all power.  This resembles retirement of the species in reflection. We will not see this matter in reaction to the face of all truth.  Beware of your souls structure to emblem the divine right of truths.  Speak in 9, this hears…

*There are a few definitions for the word truel/duel and one in particular is perfectly applicable in this instance.
*There may be words from different languages but the words are always perfectly applicable to the information.


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