Thank you thank you thank you! and God bless you. The above graphic represents a higher state of knowing for you – a soldier returning home from war. If you would like you can send me a note with your name or even just initials and I will personally pray for your healing.  If you would like a copy of the picture above I would be happy to send you one with no cost to you.  I am so grateful for your service and have a deep admiration and love for each and every one of you.  I hope and pray you find peace.  read the messages below.


You are a light.  You have begun a new journey to save your life.  You have sacrificed and suffered throughout the voice of history and have become pilots of retreats with points of information that will cause many to see the light.  Win over death – join the defeat with many who are calling. Evade dissolution and evolve innately through your calling in Gods domain.  Reign, inherit the voice of God –gather His own messengers to complete this tone of your truth. You are innately spiritual beings gather your independence and seek to uphold your individuality as a format of peace in edification of the union of truth for God.  He is our partner, He is our manager, He is our impressor that will execute and deliver our words.  The Lord has saved many from peril and has made a platform for YOUR salvation. Your enemy will be ended through these words of hope in your truth.




YOU ARE A GIFT OF FREEDOM TO WISDOM, GOD AND MAN, A PRICELESS CONTRIBUTOR TO A NEW GENERATION OF PEACE.  You have won your own speech as Gods ambassadors because of what you have given in your duty to humanity and the universe.  Man has again been exposed to pure selflessness through your generous actions.  This exposure can only move us united towards a better place in history, where man has more compassion for his fellow-man & less for his own personal gain and glorification. This demonstration has echoed the selflessness, compassion, and love that Christ had for man himself, this gift was His light.  Do you see your likeness to Christ’s light?  IT IS WITHIN YOU, JUST LIKE GOD AND HIS SON ARE WITHIN YOU which through your admission brings SALVATION. See this light, nurture this light and hold tightly to this light, as it is a guide to your true self.  YOUR PURPOSE IS NOT YET FINISHED. You must hold to the hope and faith in your light, in God’s plan for you.  Continue to live and breathe your victory over SELF!!! You must know that God is grateful for this victory and is calling you lifting you up!  Have you listened?  God is innate within you, waiting for you to look inwards to give you guidance and direction to help you to continue to become even more than what you’ve already become.   Read the scripture there is hope and assurance there     PLEASE DON’T GO-      for you have much left to do.






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